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True Mid-Winter

February 16th, 2012 | News | 0 Comments

Back on February 2, the groundhog didn’t see his shadow. Here on the Trail, we don’t worry too much about such things. Groundhog’s shadow or no, there’s always six weeks left of winter after February 2 on the Gunflint Trail . . . if not eight, nine, or even ten more weeks! Although we’ve recently gone through a warm snap, a fresh layer of snow is currently fluttering down to the ground. It will be winter for a while yet.

But now that it’s mid February, we’ve hit that magical tipping point where spring is closer than autumn. Gray jays, the first bird to hatch each spring, are already thinking about nesting. Even if you’ve spent this winter experiencing rather unwinter-y weather, it’s understandable if right about now you’re starting to feel the first twinges of spring fever.

The best way to shake off spring fever is to shake things up a bit. What better time then now to head north  and enjoy snowy winter on the Gunflint Trail? You can check out Gunflint Trail lodging specials here.

Presidents’ Day Weekend is always happening time on the Gunflint Trail. On Saturday, February 18, the annual Sawtooth International Ski Races will be held at Pincushion Mountain. All weekend long, North House Folk School will be holding its Northern Fibers Retreat.

In addition, there are still snow sculptures to be seen outside of some Gunflint Trail resorts.  Not to mention, plenty of trails to ski, snowshoe or ride; lakes to ice fish; snow angels to be made.

Winter’s not going away anytime soon on the Gunflint Trail. But if you don’t take advantage of it now, this is one season that has a sneaky way of melting away on all of us.

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