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Gunflint Green Up is May 4-6, 2012

For more information please visit Gunflint Lodge your hosts and administrators of Gunflint Green Up 2012! This is a combination planting AND releasing event.

"Green Up" is that special time on the Gunflint Trail when spring is beginning to burst forth, the lake ice is going out, the remaining traces of snow disappears, migrating birds return, hibernating critters emerge, moose calves are being born, the buds are swelling and opening on our trees and shrubs. It is a time of great promise.

The residents - homeowners, resort owners, and outfitters realize that while we are lucky enough to call the Gunflint Trail "home" -- it is also the place that Minnesotans and others call "home" in their hearts.

Gunflint Green Up 2008 Theme Song in Five Part Harmony
(melodies from Pachelbel's Canon in D)

By Ann Russ
Red pine, white pine,
snow on May 3rd
Snow boots, rain gear,
warm hats, warm hearts;
Now the blue sky,
season's promise;
Plant your plug at least a half inch
from the surface, then walk eight feet
Someday we'll come back and find these trees,
remembering community, a day of grace, our wilderness