A Scenic Byway

A Scenic Byway

Take the scenic drive. Leave your baggage.

As you meander on up from the shores of Lake Superior to the banks of the Boundary Waters at Saganaga Lake, you’ll notice how this wilderness starts to wash away the work and worries you’ve carried with you so long.

Wind your way through 57 miles of beautiful boreal forests, past glacial Gunflint Trail lakes, and through outdoor splendor where the only human habitation takes place at camp sites.

Just take our National Scenic Byway across Northeastern Minnesota, and take your time. Because a trip like this can stay with you forever.

Read more about the Gunflint Trail’s natural intrinsic qualities.

Scenic Byway Maps

Scenic Byway Podcasts with Michael Monroe

Vegetation Management Plan (large pdf file)
Corridor Management Plan (large pdf file)


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