Winter Birding

Winter Birding

How many birds can you see
when there aren’t any people to get in the way?

When you’re on the Gunflint Trail or in the BWCAW, you’re often the only person around. And that means you’re often surrounded by the migrating and resident birds of northeastern Minnesota.

As a birding destination, these deciduous, conifer and boreal forests are the best around—in winter and summer—and you’ll come face-to-face with bird species you’ve only seen in books.

The Gunflint Trail is recognized as a Globally Important Birding Area. Lucky for you, the owners and employees of businesses on the Gunflint are naturally bird friendly. Many maintain bird-feeding stations, and posses a wealth of knowledge about the birds that inhabit the boreal forest. Many of the trail businesses have joined together to promote birding to the public and are offering guided and self-guided birding tours and packages.


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