Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

It all comes down to how the snow stacks up.

Gunflint Trails: Trails are groomed regularly and in great shape. Come on up and experience a Gunflint winter wonderland.

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Cross Country Ski Conditions

Pincushion Mountain (Grand Marais)

Trails Included:
East Overlook Loop, West Overlook Loop, Pincushion Mountain Loop, North Advanced, Upper Snowman Loops, Lower Snowman Loops, B&B Loop, Canyon Curves Loop, Ole Hyvaa Loop, Hilfiker Hill Loop, 3 K Cut Off

Report Date: Mar 25th, 2014

Trail base: 16-18"

New snow last 24hrs: Trace"

New snow last 7 days: 4-6"

Avg. snow depth: 36+"

Condition Notes:

Groomered March 22. Come on out and ski! Looks like a great late March skiing.

Updates on Pincushion FB page

MN Ski Pass required.

More information:


Central Gunflint Trails Cluster (Gunflint Trail)

Trails Included:
Poplar Creek, Ox Cart, Bear Cub World Cup, Old Lodgging Camp, Wolf Point, Red Pine, North/South Link, Beaver Dam, Summer Home Road, Moose Pasture, Cross Fox, Moose Ridge, Ridge Run, Deer Moose

Report Date: Mar 28th, 2014

Trail base: 15"

New snow last 24hrs: 4"

New snow last 7 days: 4"

Avg. snow depth: 27-30"

Condition Notes:

Banadad Trail Cluster (Gunflint Trai)

Trails Included:
Lace Lake, Tim Knopp, Tall Pines, Seppalla

Report Date: Jan 27th, 2014

Trail base: 10-12"

New snow last 24hrs: Trace"

New snow last 7 days: 6-8"

Avg. snow depth: 24+"

Condition Notes:

41 Kilometers- entire Banadad Trail System open and tracked on January 23 and 24th.

Upper Gunflint Trails Cluster (Gunflint Trail)

Trails Included:
North Star, West End, East End, South Rim, Big Pine, Lonely Lake, Overlook, Ham Lake, Rabbit Run, Highlands, Cut Across, Magnetic Rock, Aspen Valley Power Line

Report Date: Feb 28th, 2014

Trail base: 15+"

New snow last 24hrs: Trace"

New snow last 7 days: 13"

Avg. snow depth: 28-35"

Condition Notes:

Km groomed classic – 65 k

Km groomed Skating – 30k

Trail conditions –Great!! 

All trails are open. Last Grooming day was Feb 23rd and will be groomed again before the weekend. 

 Snowfall for season: 84 inches.

For additional information and ski passes contact Gunflint Lodge, Gunflint Pines Resort, & Heston's Lodge.


Snowmobile Trail Conditions

North Shore State Trail

Report Date: Mar 20th, 2014

Trail base depth: 12-14+"

Snow depth in the woods: 16-38"

Condition Notes:

The entire trail has been groomed this week & the trail from the Martin Road Parking Lot to the Caribou Parking Lot in Cook County is slated to be groomed again on Friday & Saturday night. The trail is in good condition; these conditions will change due to use & weather conditions. Please slow down & use caution especially where logging operations are occurring & when meeting a groomer. Please remember that it only takes a few sleds to go over a freshly groomed section of trail to make it look like we haven’t been grooming. (3/20/2014)

 More information.

Lutsen Trails

Report Date: Mar 14th, 2014

Trail base depth: 8-18"

Snow depth in the woods: 12-24"

Condition Notes:


As of March 11, expect springlike conditions.

 Grooming report and map located at this webpage.

Tofte Trails

Report Date: Mar 6th, 2014

Trail base depth: 8-10"

Snow depth in the woods: 12-24"

Condition Notes:

Trails groomed March 6, expect springlike conditions.


Gunflint Trails

Report Date: Feb 26th, 2014

Trail base depth: 8-10"

Snow depth in the woods: 24-48"

Condition Notes:

Trails groomed 2/26.  As of March 11, springlike conditions have begun.

Hungry Jack

Grand Portage

Report Date: Mar 21st, 2014

Trail base depth: 8-10+"

Snow depth in the woods: 20+"

Condition Notes:

A few trails were done last night and trails are looking good.  Bob is hoping to get the remainder of the trail system complete by this weekend. (3/21/2014) Full Update

Maps available at Grand Portage Lodge & Casino

For additional information contact:  (218) 475-2020

Grand Portage Trust Lands Office: (218) 475-2415

For a trail map go to


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